Link-Locker is a utility for adding a password to a link or for encrypting and decrypting URLs. When a user accesses an encrypted URL, they will be asked for a password. If the password is right, Link-Locker directs them to the hidden link. Otherwise, an error message is displayed. Users can also include tips to help them remember their passwords.

Each encrypted URL is completely saved within the link created by this program. Passwords are automatically encrypted on hidden connections. There is no possibility for users to guess and share your passwords with others. As a result, users have complete control over all data generated by Link-Locker. Nothing is ever kept on a server, and there are no cookies, tracking, or signups.

Link Lock has many uses:

  • Generate as many secret links as you'd like to for any protected content just like what you can with the passwords.
  • No password storage system. You need to keep the password by yourself.
  • Store private bookmarks on a shared computer.
  • Encrypt entire web pages.
  • Send sensitive links over public or insecure channels (e.g., posting links to a public website that require a password to access).
  • Add a password to shared Dropbox, Google Drive links, URLs, or Links. (e.g. binarybot-pro, or
  • Share password-protected magnet links and torrents.

Link-Locker encrypts passwords using AES in GCM mode and generates keys with PBKDF2 and salted SHA-256 (100,000 iterations). The SubtleCrypto API handles encryption, decryption, and key generation. The initialization vector is randomized by default, but the salt is not. The user can activate or disable randomization of both the initialization vector and the salt via "advanced settings." If the salt and initialization vector are produced at random, they are delivered together with the encrypted data. The API is versioned such that existing encrypted links will always operate, even if newer versions of Link Lock are modified to be more secure.

What is a password generator?

A password generator is a program that creates passwords automatically based on rules you define to produce secure and unexpected passwords for each of your accounts.

A good password generator will perform the following:

  • Modify the instructions to meet the specific password needs of each site.
  • Create strong passwords with built-in randomization using secure technologies.
  • Are incorporated into a password organizer such as Dashlane, allowing you to generate, maintain, and conveniently utilize all of your strong passwords.